Female Puberty:
Your Time To Blossom

It's fun to be a girl. Its even more fun to be a girl that is becoming a woman, but it can also be confusing when you're going through female puberty.

So many changes are happening. You are beginning to develop breasts and hips. You are also starting your period. You may be dealing with acne, body odor, and hair in places you never had it before. All these things are normal.

Changes are also happening in your social life and how your feel about yourself. You suddenly are becoming more aware of your body and how you fit in with your friends. You are also feeling a greater desire to impress cute boys. Most likely you have days where your emotions are like a roller-coaster. These things are normal too.

This can be an exciting time. Now that you are you are experiencing your own female puberty, there are a lot of questions going through your mind. I am here to answer them so that this becomes your time of discovery. Most of all, I want you to feel that the things you are learning are coming from a friend, because trust me I have been there too. We all have. It is part of growing up, and it is NORMAL.

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Are you confused and don’t know who to talk to or ask about puberty?

Do you want some personal guidance from a friend that has been there before but are too embarrassed to ask?

This book is the one stop spot for your most important questions on female puberty. The content comes directly from input I received from teen girls all over the world through my puberty help page.

For example, have you ever wondered:

“When will I get my period?”

If so you need to read this book since periods are the #1 topic girls ask about and this question is answered in Chapter 1.

You and other teen girls around the world have made your voice heard about what issues matter most to you at this time in your life when you are going through female puberty. Click on the book link to get more information so you can get your questions answered fast.

Changes In Girls During Puberty
Puberty can be a confusing time for preteen and teen girls. Learn about all the changes in girls during puberty from breast growth, to pubic hair, to self-esteem, peer pressure, acne and much more.
5 Stages of Puberty
5 Stages of Puberty are the female stages of development. They include a general overview of the physical changes that take place in during female puberty and when they typically will happen.
Hormones play a key role in development during puberty. Learn how they work to bring about specific changes during the teen years.
Puberty Breasts
Puberty Breasts are one of the first things that happen when a female starts puberty. Learn the 5 stages of development and get questions answered teen girls may have when they are going through it
Growth Spurt
Female Growth Spurt is an exciting event that happens during puberty. Learn how why it happens and what you can expect when it does.
Teen Acne
Teen acne can be an unpredictable and frustrating part of puberty. Learn all about acne and how to treat it.
Puberty Vagina: Learn the Truth About It
Learn the truth about Puberty Vagina. This is the one stop spot on everything you want to and need to know about your vagina and other sex organs.
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Discharge in most cases is normal but depending on how it looks, feels, and smells it may be a sign of something more serious.
Menstration is the shedding of the wall of the uterus and starts at puberty. Get all you questions answered by a trusted friend and expert on female puberty.
First Period
So you are awaiting your first period...what should you expect? Get the answers you are looking for here.
Irregular Menstrual Cycle
Having an Irregular Menstrual Cycle is common during female puberty. In some cases it may be caused by an underlying hormone imbalance or other medical problem. Educate yourself on what is normal.
Puberty Hair
Puberty hair refers to extra hair you develop on your body once your hormones signal the start of female puberty. The main areas that you will grow extra hair are on your vagina and surro
Pubic Hair, What's Going On Down There?
Pubic Hair is one of the first signs that a female has started puberty. Learn the 5 stages of pubic hair development and get your questions answered.
Armpit Hair
Armpit Hair starts during puberty. Learn when to start shaving, how to control odor, and other valuable information.
Puberty Health
Puberty Health encompasses all the changes and choices you are making during puberty to be healthy. Learn about healthy habits and some of the pitfalls teens struggle with during female puberty.
Teenage Girls Self Esteem
Learn all about Teenage Girls Self Esteem and how it relates to this time of their life. Also learn more about how to have high self esteem.
Cause Low Self Esteem
Girls with low self esteem is common especially among teenage girls. Learn some of the cause low self esteem and how to overcome them.
Teen Relationships: Friends, Family, and Dating
Teen Relationships are a important part of growing up. Teen Dating is a time to make friends, learn social skills, and get to know yourself and what you want in a love relationship.
Puberty Sex
Puberty Sex is a tricky thing. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Learn the truth about the consequences of puberty sex.
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Toxic Shock Syndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is normally present in adult woman but can also happen to teen girls. See how it may effect your menstrual cycles and what you can do about it.
Gynecological Exam
Gynecological Exam can cause some anxiety, especially the first time. Learn when to go, how often and what will happen at the exam.
Puberty Questions
Puberty Questions that girls commonly ask when about female puberty.
Puberty Help
Puberty help for teen on female puberty. Contact me with any comments or questions on female puberty. I will answer you personally as a trusted friend and puberty expert.
The Female Puberty Blog
Answers to real questions from real preteen and teen girls that visit the female puberty site and send a message to the female puberty expert through the "puberty help"page.
Gynecologist Visit
Gynecologist Visit is one thing that causes anxiety for a lot of women. For most of you it will not be as bad as you think. It is important to know what to expect so you feel comfortable.
Tanner Stage
Tanner Stage
Sexual Precocity
Sexual Precocity is the unusually early development of physical and sexual traits. Also called precocious or early puberty.
Puberty Book
A Puberty Book that answers all the most asked questions from teen girls all over the world and organizes them into chapters about the top 6 issues girls ask about and more information about these.