5 Stages of Puberty

5 Stages of Puberty

The 5 stages of puberty are the female stages of development. These are also known as the Tanner five stages of development. They include a general overview of the physical changes that take place during female puberty and when they typically will happen.

Each teen going through female puberty will encounter these 5 Stages of Puberty at some point, and the age ranges that are included give you a good idea when it may happen. Your progression through them and the order may be slightly different. It is normal for every girl to go through puberty differently according to the timetable of her own body.

Just take this as a general guideline for what changes to look for to and when to look for the 5 Stages of Puberty to possibly occur during female puberty.

Stage One: Childhood

Ages: lasts through 8 to 11

You continue to have the body of a child with no visible signs of development on the outside

On the inside, you are producing hormones that will lead to development. This is also causing your ovaries to enlarge.

Stage Two:Beginning of Puberty

Ages: 8 to 14 (average is 11 to 12) Breast Buds for girls begin to show up. This raises your nipples and makes the dark area surrounding it(called your areola) slightly larger.

Your growth spurt also starts and that causes you to get taller and also gain weight rapidly.

Pubic hair begins to grow on your labia (outer lips of your vaginal area). The hair is sparse and fine.

Stage Three

Ages: 9 to 15(average is 12 to 13)

Breast growth continues and they are becoming round and full. They may be growing at uneven rates so one breast may be larger than the other.

Your limbs are growing and so you continue to get taller. You also are getting more curvy as your hips widen which makes you waist look smaller.

Pubic hair becomes darker and more coarse.

Vaginal discharges are starting to occur. This is when your vagina secretes a watery or mucous like fluid. It is either clear or white in color.

Your vagina also get bigger (this happens on the inside so you can't see it)You may start your period (happens to 20% of girls) later in this stage.

Stage Four

Ages: 10 to 16

You have more breast growth including the nipple and areola (dark area) sticking out more from the breast.

Armpit hair appears. Pubic hair becomes more dense and forms a triangular shape as it grows more in the front and on the sides of your genital area.

You will likely begin to ovulate(drop an egg)and have your first

period during this stage. Your period will most likely not happen on a regular basis in this stage, but will be irregular for the first couple years.

Stage Five: Adult Stage

Ages: 12 to 19(average is 15 to 16)

You look like a young adult woman.

Your breast development is complete.

Pubic hair is dense and full. It covers you genital area in a triangular shape. Each hair has a thick, curly texture. The color will be darker than the other hairs on your body.

Your growth spurt is complete and you are most likely at your adult height.

Your are having regular periods or they are beginning to regulate.

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