Adolescent Vagina

The adolescent vagina is a muscular passageway to and from the reproductive organs in a young woman’s body. You can see it if you put a mirror between your legs—you will see three holes: the one in the middle is your vagina. A man’s penis can enter the vagina and deposit sperm that is then able to fertilize the egg that is released from the ovary and becomes a baby. Your vagina is also the “birth canal” since a baby exits the uterus (the womb where it has been growing for 9 months) through the vagina when it is born. When you are not pregnant, the menstrual blood and tissue is excreted from your body through your puberty vagina.

You are born with all your reproductive organs but they are not fully mature until you go through female puberty. This is when your vagina and other reproductive organs grow bigger compared to how they were when you were a child. Your vagina will eventually grow to a full length of three to five inches. It is very flexible and can stretch to many times larger than its typical size (just think of how much it has to stretch when you give birth to a baby!)

One other thing you may notice on your adolescent vagina is a strip of skin covering opening. This skin is called the hymen and stretches across the vagina to protect it. The hymen looks different in each girl: it may have holes, be thin, be thicker, and cover the whole opening or only part of it. If you can’t find your hymen then you may have ripped it, which happens to all girls at some point usually when they first have sexually intercourse. It can also happen if you engage in sports or horseback riding or even if you just stretch it a lot during your daily activities.

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