Armpit Hair: Something You Just Have to Deal With

female puberty armpit hair

Armpit hair may be embarrassing and gross to some girls, but it is inevitable that you will get it sometime during female puberty. For most girls, it comes about a year after pubic hair. For you it may come at a different time, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong with you, it just happens different for everyone.

Armpit hair is dark and coarse. During puberty, your body is producing body odor and your armpit is one spot that gets smelly. It is also a moist area where you sweat more, and isn't always exposed to air, which is a great environment for bacteria to grow. Growing bacteria makes the smell even worse. The best thing to do is to shave every 2-3 days and wear deodorant daily--it should be a part of your personal hygiene routine.

When Should I Start Shaving?

Not sure when to start shaving...really it is up to you. In many cases your parents will help you decide. Parents are a great resource because they care about you and have experienced the things your are going through when they were a teenager going through puberty.

In certain countries in Europe, like France, armpit hair on women is considered attractive, but in America it is the opposite case...smooth and hairless skin is what's attractive. Most women shave their armpit hair off regularly--on average 2-3 times a week. Many women also shave their legs regularly, and you may want to start shaving during puberty because a lot of females get more hair on their arms and legs during this time then they had as a child.

Some girls get pressured into shaving sooner because of things their peers may say to them. Really the decision is up to you, but once you decide to start shaving it becomes a regular chore from then on out in order to maintain the smooth look.

A lot of girls worry that once they start shaving their hair will grow back darker and thicker then it was before. That concern is only partially true. Your hair may look thicker and darker when it starts growing back after you shave the first time, but really it is just that the hair that you see on the surface of your skin is thinner at the top then at the root (It is the same for the hair on your head that is why you get your hair trimmed so the tapered ends stay healthy looking). When you shave you cut off the tapered/thinner top and expose the thickest part of the hair follicle. If you were to let it grow out again, eventually it would thin at the top and look the same as it did before you started shaving.

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