Breast Budding: Get Ready to Blossom into a Woman

Just like a flower buds when it is first starting to blossom so will you when you get breast budding. It is the start of breast development and usually the first sign of female puberty.

Every girl develops a little differently and at different rates. Some girls may get breast quickly and are genetically prone to bigger breasts naturally, others may be self conscious about their small breasts well into high school or even college.

Even though you may not be completely satisfied with your body and how it is naturally developing, just realize that you are a unique girl and be patient with your body. Also realize that every girl has something about themselves they don’t like and most teen girls are self conscious about their body image .

Breast budding is seen as a lump under your nipple and your areola (dark area around your breast) may begin to get more spread out. That lump will progressively grow and expand to eventually become your full grown breasts.

The average age to start noticing buds is between 8-11 years old. How long they last varies among different girls. Breasts usually take about 5 years to fully develop. They go through different stages of growth called the Tanner Stages of development, getting breast buds is considered stage 2 out of 5 stages total.

As your breasts start to develop they may be swollen, sore and at times a little itchy. It is normal to get budding on one side before the other or to have one side grow more than the other.

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