Breast During Puberty: Ready or Not, Here They Come!

Breasts During Puberty

Picture Pamela Anderson Lee, or some other big breasted celebrity, and believe it or not she was flat-chested at one time in her life, until she got breast during puberty.

Female puberty is when all the changes happen that make you into a woman. For most girls the first change that occurs is breast growth during puberty. The tricky thing is that your breasts are already programmed by your genetic code to grow at a certain time and at a certain rate, only you don’t know when that is going to be so it is a mystery until it actually happens. This can cause some frustration, especially if you are the first or the last one of your friends to get breast during puberty.

Your breasts will grow in stages (you can learn about the specific stages of breast growth by clicking on this link). This means that it is a gradual process and usually takes several years before they are fully developed. Most girls breast during puberty start growing between the ages of 10-11 years old,but some can start as early as 8 or as late as 13 years old.

They start as breast “buds” , which is just like it sounds, your breast are beginning to bud or form little bumps under each nipple signaling they are getting ready to blossom. These buds are made up of breast tissue which includes fatty tissue and milk glands.

Over time, this small bump becomes a bigger bump as it develops into a round and full breast. It can take several years (usually 3-5 years total) for your breast to fully develop, and they can continue to grow even after your teen years. The size of your breast is not determined by when you start to develop though (example: you could start later then your friends and end up with the biggest breast size).

What if I am Unhappy With My Breast Size?

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and a kazillion girls are unhappy with their breast during puberty in some way…some wish they could be smaller, others bigger, others more round, others more pointy…well, you get my point. It is not the size that matters, but how you feel about them.

Since the size of your breast is mainly determined by heredity (the traits you inherited from your parents), there is not much you can do to change them. Just because you do not have much control over your breast size does not change the fact that you have complete control over your thoughts and attitude about them.

Studies have shown that the most attractive quality in a woman is confidence (surprise surprise it is not her breast size!!!) You can develop a confident attitude by accepting yourself the way you are and not comparing yourself to others. One thing that helps with this is to look for things you you like about yourself, both your personality and your looks (that includes something you like about your breasts). Once you see these, it is easier to be content with what you have and not always feel like you are missing out.

Society and the media make women believe that the reason for breasts is to make a woman sexy and attractive, and the bigger they are the better (as long as the rest of your body is a size zero, right?). Although having breasts does add curve to your body and allow you have a more womanly figure, their real purpose is to provide milk to feed a baby. Your ability to produce milk is the same whether your breasts are big or small or anywhere inbetween. When you are breast feeding a baby, your breasts will get larger since they fill up with milk (this could be good news if you are unhappy with your small breast size).

Also, you can be very attractive regardless of your breast size; in fact, your body may be smarter then you think, it develops breast that match the rest of your body (that is why a size zero with a D breast size is so unusual and at times “freaky” looking because it does not naturally go together—it is more common for a petite girl to have smaller breasts since the rest of her is small too.)

What Causes Breast During Puberty To Grow?

Your hormones are what signal your breasts to grow. Hormones are chemical messengers in your body and they cause all of the changes that happen during puberty. There are a variety of hormones, which are originally produced in the pituitary gland in your brain, and they effect different parts of your body. A hormone called estrogen signals your breast growth.

The “less fun” Side of Breast During Puberty

It seems exciting and fun to get breasts and to finally become a woman, but there can be a down side as you may have to deal with some of these possible side effects of breast during puberty:

1. Sore and Itchy—while they are growing it is stretching out the skin and so they may feel itchy. At times they may also feel tender and sore, especially when you are preparing to get your period.

2. Pointy breast during puberty—while they are still growing, they may look pointy or lumpy. They usually become more round and full once they are fully developed, but keep in mind that they come in different shapes so yours may not end up exactly how you expected.

3. Various Sizes and Colors of Areola-Your areola can range in color from purplish or gray to light pink depending on your skin. They will get bigger and darker as your breast grow; For some girls they end up the size of a quarter and for others more like the size of a silver dollar, it varies Your nipples will also protrude and become more noticeable over time.

4. Uneven Breast Sizes--Growth does not always happen at the same time and same rate in each breast. You may be surprised but it is very common for one breast to grow more quickly than the other. This means you may be a little lopsided while they are still developing (nobody except you usually notices), but eventually they should end up the same size.

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