Puberty Breasts: Two things that make it obvious you are becoming a woman

puberty breasts

Puberty Breasts

Regardless of when you start to get them, puberty breasts are one of the most obvious signs, to you and others, that you are becoming a woman. It is often the first sign that you have started puberty.

When you were a little girl, there wasn't much to distinguish you from the boys when you ran around without a shirt. Things are about to change. Over the next three to four years of breast development, your breasts are going to swell and grow until they are fully developed.

What are the stages of Breast Development?

Doctors have made it easy for you to identify where you are at in your breasts development by putting it into 5 stages. Try and figure out which stage you are in now.

Stage 1

This is the little girl stage before you have any development because puberty hasn't yet begun for you. Your chest is flat except for your nipples which stick out a little.

Stage 2

This is when you start to develop breast buds. Breast buds for girls is a small swelling under you nipples. The raised part is made up of the same tissue, fat, and glands that will make up your breasts when they are fully developed (right now it is just in smaller amounts).

The small mounds that develop may be uneven on each side of your chest and that is okay. In fact your breasts may develop at slightly different rates during all of the stages of breast development and that is normal.

Stage 3

Your puberty breasts are gradually getting bigger during this stage. Also, the dark colored circle of skin around your nipple, called your areolas, is also expanding to become a larger circle. Your nipples and areolas may start standing out from your actual breasts. This may look like a mound on a mountain. Your breast are taking on their adult form, but have not gotten to their adult size yet.

Stage 4

Everything continues to get bigger. Your areolas and nipples more noticeably stand out now from your puberty breasts. It is common for your breasts to look a little pointy when you are at this stage.

Stage 5

Stage 4 and 5 may kinda mesh together for some of you. Stage 5 is where you have reached your adult shape and size for puberty breasts. Your breasts has grown larger and fuller, not as pointy anymore. You also don't have a separate mound for your nipple and areola because they have become one mound with your puberty breast tissue.

Some of you may not think you have reached this stage because your breasts are not as large as you expected them to be. There is a chance your breasts will continue to develop, and there will also be times in your life when they get larger (for example, when you are breast feeding a baby or if you gain weight in the future).

When am I going to get mine?

This growth occurs at different times for different girls, which can be frustrating if all your friends are starting to wear bras and you are still waiting for yours to come in. Don't worry everyone gets them sometime. Trust me there are other girls out there who are feeling awkward because they developed sooner than all their friends.

The age that you get your breasts, amount of time it takes for them to develop, and size when they are fully developed are different for each girl.

Girls can start getting puberty breasts as early as age 7 or as late as 14. Usually it happens between nine and thirteen. You could stay in a stage for only a couple months or as long as a couple years. It really varies, so you have to be adaptable and patient with yourself and how your body is unique in its' development.

How big will my puberty breasts be when they are done growing?

This goes back to your parents. How you may ask...well, your parents gave you the genes or blueprint that determines how you look,including the size of your breasts.

But just because your mom was big breasted does not necessarily mean you will be too. Maybe you inherited a trait from your Dad's mom, or even further down the line, and you have smaller breasts. You never know exactly how it will turn out until it happens, but that is all part of the fun. The important thing is to be happy with yourself no matter what you look like in the end.

Is there anything I can do to make my breasts bigger or smaller?

Your breasts are made up of glands (that will someday produce milk when you have a baby) and fat tissue. Under this is a layer of chest muscle. You can do exercises to make the muscle stronger so it will lift your breasts and make them stand out more (kinda like what a bra does), but you can not change the actual tissue to make it bigger.

Some women have gotten plastic surgery to make their breasts bigger. This can be a painful, expensive, and in most cases unnecessary option. You are beautiful the way you are, and if you seriously feel that you would be happier "if only you had bigger breasts", then maybe there is a deeper psychological issue going on with your self-esteem. I have a page on self esteem and body image that may be helpful.

If you feel that you have good self esteem and that having a little bit larger chest would help your self confidence than you could try a padded bra or bra inserts. I used bra inserts when I was in college and liked them because they look more realistic and you can even wear them in a bathing suit (It works better if it is a one piece and not a bikini).

Some of you may feel that your breast are too big. It may make you feel self-conscious when you are in public. Maybe you feel like your peers judge you for the size of your breasts. Boys may give you attention because of it, but that is not the kind of attention you want. The weight you carry in your chest may also cause you back pain or other pains in your body that can be annoying.I am not saying it is easy, but I give you the same advice I gave the girls that wish their breasts were bigger...You're are beautiful the way you are. Happiness and confidence come from the inside not from the outside. And most likely there is some girl looking at you wishing she could have what you have.

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