Pubic Hair: Its A Jungle Down There

The growth of pubic hair is one of the first things you will see when you are going through female puberty. It often happens around the same time that your breasts start to develop. Just like breast development, pubic hair growth can be categorized into 5 Stages. It become a "jungle down there" in the final stages when you have coarse, curly, dark hair covering your Vulva (see my page on Female Sex Organs to learn the names of the different parts we will be talking about). Whether you are a female with a lot or a little hair depends on your genetics and your body chemistry. For now, try to identify where you are at and what is coming up next in your journey into female puberty.

One thing to note is that the stages of growth do not always correspond to the stages of breast development. For example, you may be in Stage 3 of breast development and Stage 2 for pubic hair growth (or vice versa). Every female is different and everyone develops in their own way.

Stage 1

This is the stage before you hit puberty which means before you have any hair on your genitals. You may have some hair on the front of your vulva, but it is not pubic hair instead it is the same kind of hair that you have on the rest of your body. You can distinguish between the two because the hair on your body is lighter colored, shorter, finer(not as thick), and softer. If you are not sure if what you have is the start of it or not, then chances are you have not started to grow it yet. When you have the real thing then it will be easier to identify.

Stage 2

In this stage you start to get real pubic hair, although it may only be a few individual hairs at a time. These first hairs may be straight (or a little curly), have some color, and be longer and coarser than your body hair from Stage 1. They will likely grow on your outer lips, which may make them hard to see at first unless you are really looking. Normally this stage lasts 9-16 months, and starts at ages 8-11 years old. If you do not fit into this age range when you start to get hair on your genitals, if you are either older or younger, then don't worry you are still normal.

Stage 3

During this stage you will get more hairs (although it still may be kinda sparse) and they will start to grow on your Mons (right in the center above the lips), as well as continuing to grow more on your outer lips. The hairs will be darker and more curly now.

Stage 4

You continue to grow more hairs, and the hairs take on the look and feel of adult genital hair. They will look dark, wiry, and curly. The color may be a different color then the hair on your head. Depending on your family background,the hair down there may be blond, brown, black, or red. You have enough hairs now to see that it is starting to grow in the shape of an upside down triangle pattern on your Mons.

Stage 5

Now dark, curly, coarse hair covers your Mons and outer lips while reaching to the edge of the your thighs on each side. If you are really hairy, it may even extend up further onto your lower belly or out onto your thighs. Now you have reached your adult hair growth.

Why do Females Have Hair Down There?

Maybe you think hair down there is ugly and gross and you wish you were still smooth like when you were a kid. You're wondering why you have to have hair on your genitals in the first place. There is no exact reason why females have it, but there are some theories about it.

Three probable reasons are:

First, it can keep your delicate private parts warm.

Second, it protects the area by making it harder for bacteria and other invaders to get inside your body because they have to go through a "jungle" to get there.

Thirdly, your natural scent or pheromones (which are different for everyone)are carried out on your hair follicles. With more hair in that area, the scents have potential to be stronger there. This scent has been shown to be sexually attractive to others.

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